Sunday, May 18, 2014

Customized Buzz Lightyear


When I purchased this Buzz Lightyear at the thrift store I had no idea how I would make it look cool with all of it's soft round shapes, I just knew it would be awesome if I kitbashed it. So I began by adding the pipes and cords to the back. Then I added large cylinder shapes to it and also the object on top of the helmet. I used Das air dry clay to merge the object on top with the helmet. Finally I primed, painted, weathered, added model decals and clear coated it.
The most challenging aspect again was trying to figure out how to make a toddler toy look post apocalyptic scale model/ action figure. I learned a lot on this one. In the end I did the same thing I do with my paintings and drawings - I just found my way through it, I began and one thing led to the next.
- I used electrical cords for the tubes on the back- Misc broke toy object for the cylindrical shapes and other shapes - Gouache, watercolor and acrylic for the paint and weathering- Fixative (final) for the clear coat to lock the paint in.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Kitbash Hummer

This is a Nikko Hummer H2 1: 18 scale model that I customized. I found the original vehicle at a salvation army store. It has no remote.  I repainted the truck with acrylic paints and added all of the shape elements from 100% unwanted or recycled materials. I then added a rust solution to the model which gives it the orange-ish' effect (thats the rust). 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I regularly sit at various cafes and draw people in my sketchbook. Recently I've been drawing people on my laptop with Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. I actually observed all of the people I drew in this video, many I didn't get to talk to before they left but the ones that I have photos of gave permission for me to display they're photo.

This is one of the best practices to do if you are into digital illustration, 3D / CG work, portraits, painting, live & figure drawing.

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